Published Fiction

Lawrence has had short fiction published in the following collections:

“The Beasts Above” in Tales from the Underground (Inklings Press)51pzhjfvtpL._SY346_

Kai is determined to discover the secrets of the Light, jealously guarded by Beasts Above that have been in every story he has ever heard. To satisfy his curiosity, and to prove himself worthy of being remembered in such legends, he sets himself the task of climbing up out of the dark, to discover the truth once and for all. But what awaits him is not what he expects…

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“In the Asps’ Nest” in Guilds and Glaives ed. S.C. Butler and Joshua Palmatier (ZNguildsandglaivescoverB)

Katja, a disgraced assassin, agrees to take on one final job to reclaim her lost reputation. She soon realises that this contract will ask more of her than any she has taken before – but does her mysterious client also realise this?

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“Hounded” in Hidden Menagerie vol. 2 ed. Michael Ciezlak (Dragon’s Roost Press)39959237

After his friend is killed in mysterious circumstances, Seamus is the prime suspect. But as the evidence points to his innocence, Seamus begins to wreak the consequences of what really happened that night. He might have escaped the law, but can he escape the mysterious forces he unleashed?

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